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 Rules and Guidelines of the Forum Board

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines of the Forum Board   Sat Sep 12, 2009 5:36 pm

Rules and Guidelines. If you break a rule, moderators will give you a warning. After that, they have permission to ban you for a week, then you will be perma-banned.

1. Keep profanity to a minimum.
2. No sexual content.
3. No discussing religious/political views. This includes Creationism, Evolutionism debates, and politicians. These topics often cause flame wars.
4. Moderators decisions are FINAL. Unless I say it isn't.
5. Do not make duplicate threads.
6. Do not necro threads. (Necroing is posting in a thread that is very old and not adding anything relevant to it. As a rule of thumb, do not post in a thread older than 2 weeks.)
7. No flaming, trolling, harassing, or insulting other users. Joking is okay, but know when to draw the line.
8. If there are any issues with another forumer, PM me or a moderator about it.
9. Have fun.
10. If a moderator warns you about something, you would be wise to listen to their warning.
11. Do not use excessive smilies.
12. Do not post in all, or mostly, caps.
13. Do not ask a moderator to lock someone else's thread without legitimate reasons for doing so. By that, I mean proof of rule breaking in the thread (if its something minor like someone misspelling something, and you PM us, we'll lock all your threads instead. Don't be a snitch.)
14. Try to use proper grammar and spelling.
15. Any more questions, ask me or another moderator.
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Rules and Guidelines of the Forum Board
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